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    There is SO much information on causes and treatment of cancer that its hardly surprising that patients get confused. Recently for instance, a University in NSW idetified a strong correlation between even moderate alcohol consumption and gettin breat cancer, but you will still have medical professions stating that the old furphy of moderate wine drinking is ok. Let me ask you, in the face of conflicting information recently researched would you continue to drink post diagnosis?

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    Jay Nunga

    There seems to be a constant stream of reasons for people getting cancer, and it seems, to me at least, that there are more things that cause cancer than don’t. Pollution of our environment, eg: mercury from coal fired power stations, cars and trucks etc, chemicals used in agriculture, are some things that have not been looked into enough, as causes of cancer. Researchers seem to concentrate on individual behaviour, rather than the environmental causes. Its easier to blame the individual than the corporate body.

    My own Mother died at aged 48, of breast cancer. She did not smoke or drink alcohol, and was actually considered a “health nut” because of her insistence on eating a healthy diet. Yet she still died of cancer, and no-one has yet given a satisfactory reason for this, (no-one on her side of the family had ever had breast cancer so genetic disposition was not a big factor). She did, however, live in an area of coal mining and coal fired power stations, in fact my Father worked at a coal fired power station. These factors may be incidental to her death, but as there was a large number of cancers, (more than the Australian average), in this area, it is certainly something to look at.

    I wont hold my breath waiting though, it seems in Australia that the large mining companies, and the politicians that are in bed with them, do not want to upset them by funding research into the effects of their “business” on the people or environment. Much easier to blame the victim.



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