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    Jon Hunt

    One can only agree with the above. If the ACC is only trying to gather data (and you wonder why it is their job, given their title), then to anyone with intelligence normal or above it would be obvious that the way it shouldn’t be done is to invade the privacy of individuals, especially children. For good reasons privacy is a fundamental requirement of research. Whoever instituted this should be made accountable for such stupidity.

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    Uhm, dare I mention that the ACC’s major role is just that: gathering information. Whilst I tend to agree that it may have been wrong to invade the privacy of these children, I believe that since mainstream attempts by the government have all failed miserably on this issue, it’s about time that the Police are doing something. Remember why the ACC were investigating in the NT? Oh yeah, to catch CHILD MOLESTERS!!!! I can’t think of any better reason to to breach privacy! Would you rather protect the child molesters behind confidentiality?

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    Seer Travis Truman

    Ha! The whole issue of crime in society is a moot one. Why?

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