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    I work in a Centre for homeless people, our clients represent all the groups listed in the first graphic and virtually all of them smoke, many of the older people suffering from serious smoking related health problems.

    I quit two and half years ago using a personal vaporiser after 30 years of struggling with smoking. I am a criminal in this country for quitting the ‘wrong’ way. It was however, the only way that finally worked for me.

    I can’t express how frustrating it is to not be able to help our clients switch to vaping, which Public Health England has declared 95% safer than smoking. While Tobacco Control in Australia is opposing ecigarettes for hypothetical reasons the most disadvantaged Australians, and smokers in general are dying.

    This is an appalling state of affairs when evidence is pouring out of the UK and US refuting all the fears and concerns Tobacco Control in Australia offer as reasons to ban, ban, ban, a far safer alternative to smoking.

    Vaping is Tobacco Harm Reduction. In other areas of addiction Australia has embraced harm reduction, but when it comes to smoking we continue to be narrow minded and puritanical about nicotine.

    This has to change, it must change! Or else Australia will be left behind other first world countries in the fight against smoking, and our people will continue to die.


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