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    Melissa Sweet

    Melissa Sweet

    A Croakey reader asked that this comment be posted, without their name being used:

    What a wonderful, informative and accurate article!
    After 40 years of women’s health I agree with all Associate Professor Belton has to say.
    This topic should be put to rest, forever!
    Why can’t politicians recognize that over 80% of all Australians agree that every woman has the right to choose a termination of an unwanted pregnancy?
    Incidentally, the risks a woman takes having a legal termination are many times safer for her than the risks of continuing the pregnancy!
    Politicians all over Australia must remove termination from any Criminal Code; which was originally written over 150 years ago.
    New South Wales and Queensland politicians should be ashamed of themselves for not addressing this deficiency.

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      Dear Reader
      Thank you for commenting on my article. I totally agree with you. A.Prof Suzanne Belton


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