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    Ken Gover

    In common with many Dentists, I tailor the time between recalls to suit the individual patient. A yearly examination is fine for some people, and others, say people with disabilities who have difficulties with oral hygiene , may need to be seen more often than twice a year. Whilst there are costs involved in having an examination and clean , these are
    quite insignificant compared with the costs associated with fixing a problem that has been allowed to deteriorate. For example, a cracked filling undetected by the patient may progress to a situation where restoring the tooth costs more than ten times what it would have cost if it had been promptly addressed. So, in particular , people with older fillings ( most of us ) need to have these checked regularly. I say to patients ” It’s like an old car. If you check the oil and water often and top them up as required , it will probably go on for ages. If you drive it for two years without lifting the bonnet it is likely to have a major problem.

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    adam crew

    Clean and healthy mouth is essential for a good oral health. Having good teeth is really very essential and to maintain the good oral health you definitely need a Dentist Mascot.


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