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    Of all the masses of noise I have heard today Philip Darbyshires piece here is by a country mile the most sensible commentary I’ve read – Keep up the good work Phil!

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    Philip Darbyshire

    Thanks William, very much appreciated.

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    Gederts Skerstens

    Good article.
    However, there is in fact a fairly mechanical but reasonable way to estimate what jobs are surplus to requirements.
    Before-And-After comparisons. If the Before population was Served by a certain number, and the After population of Public Servants has grown by much more than the population they serve, without any growth in benefits to the served, that growth was surplus to requirements.
    Let’s get it clear what a ‘Job’ is. You have a job when you produce at least as much in value as what you get. A builder’s laborer has a job. So does a fusion researcher, a composer or policeman. No-one in the Department of Social Inclusion has a job. They have a lot of money given to them, attend lots of meetings, fly to conferences and produce reports. Not one of them has a job.

    If that entire department were to be closed down, no-one would be losing a job.


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