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    The RACP’s priority is the health of Australians. They support action on climate change, but ask the govt to consider the health of disadvantaged Australians when setting a carbon price… and I’m supposed to have a problem with this?

    No, it seems the problem that Crikey/Croakey has is that there was not unanimous and absolute submission to the idea of man-made climate change. So a peak body of highly educated individuals did not all see eye-to-eye on a contentious topic? Colour me shocked!

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    The Australian Medical Students’ Association also has some quite forward thinking, “climate-justice” orientated policy from a few years back.

    Their highly successful international campaign – Climate Change, “Code Green” – has been recently documented in the Lancet:

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    Connie Gane

    Shooba, but the College and entire international medical community do see eye-to-eye (the Lancet series is a good starting point).
    The College was quite clear in 2009:
    Even medico-political conservatives, the AMA, are on side:
    It’s the new(ish) RACP management that seems to be letting ideology get in the way of the truth, and that’s not a good look for an organization that is grounded in science, not silly politicking. Hence the internal malcontent.


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