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    Jacob Perrott

    This is all very true and something I wish could be spread around and considered in the wider community.
    I’ve heard people say “why don’t these people just get a job”, talking about a person who is malnourished without a roof over their head. This is a misconception many have in regards to homeless people, it is hard to get a job when your sitting at rock bottom everyday and anything you do feels as though it doesn’t affect anything the slightest bit. Some think that living on the street and hitting rock bottom would be the motive and jump start to get you back on your feet, and that you’d do anything possible to regain mental and financial stability. The fact is that once you do hit rock bottom and and on the street, generally you’ve done as much as you can to keep off it.
    I could talk about this all day but I better keep it for the feature film I am producing called ‘Homeless Australia’. We are currently raising funds merely for the production costs (non-profit) and the money made off distribution of hard copies will go into perminant accomodation for a homeless person. Please donate at – – or share and like us on facebook –


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