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    Mark Lock

    It is also interesting to note that Dr Rallah-Baker’s experience came from within the Queensland Health System which has a high to extreme level of institutional racism. The Anti Discrimination Commission Queensland and the Queensland Aboriginal and Islander Health Council report ‘Addressing Institutional Barriers to Health Equity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People in Queensland’s Public Hospital and Health Services’ was completed in March 2017 but has been suppressed due to political sensitivity.

    The report was written and researched by Adrian Marrie who, along with Henrietta Marrie, developed a matrix for measuring, monitoring, and evaluating institutional racism in health services. The original “Matrix” report on the Cairns and Hinterland Hospital and Health Services was widely circulated to leaders in Indigenous health policy but, disappointingly, no leader or organisation has taken action to promote the value of the Matrix. Instead, Australia’s First Peoples have to suffer in silence and when we do speak-up against racism, as did Dr Rallah-Baker, the response is to stifle and belittle rather than seek genuine reconciliation. It’s time for action on institutional racism through the implementation of the Matrix.


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