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    Duggy the DC3

    High quality independent research, relevant medical information and education all costs money. I subscribe to several journals, have several on line information subscriptions and it costs me thousands a year. I am a GP. Finding quality information and education that is not peddled by Big Pharma, Government or some other Interest Group (e.g. a New Specialist touting for GP referrals, RPA TV shows etc and so forth) is difficult for the busy GP, especially in a rural isolated location like mine. I’m not asking the tax payer to pay for it but it is about time we accepted that Doctors are influenced by the information they receive and that good quality information needs to be easily accesible, evidence based, and independent.

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    Why does Ray Moynihan suddenly appear in the media everytime he has a new book to pimp?

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    ron batagol

    Duggy the DC3. You say that good quality information needs to be easily accesible, evidence based, and independent.

    I would suggest that those crieria are already met. Indeed, please read my comments on “An evidence based to get Pharma out of medical education”, where I have noted that there a number of readily-available sources of independent drug information for newly-introduced products; eg. most professional journals associated with each profession. In addition, NPS Radar covers new drugs, and The Australian Prescriber and the NPS newsletter, and provide regular independent updates, and “pearls” of best practice in diagnosis and treatment, indeed. In this day and age, of course, these sources are readily available at the click of a mouse, i.e. on line.
    I think it is important to remember that drug marketing and drug education are two different things. Don’t confuse the two!
    After all, it’s easy to be “Mc educated”- it comes in such delightful marketing packages that often you can’t resist! On the other hand, wouldn’t you rather super-size it and learn the facts?

    Ron Batagol


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