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    Frank Bosnich

    This article is a great overview of the first phase (Concept phase) of app development. For those exploring the idea of creating an app, I believe the most important task is to evaluate how an app would fit into your broader marketing strategy.

    For example: Do you want to maximise profits, maximise downloads, improve brand awareness, support an existing brand, or do you want to use the app to support a social cause?

    Understanding your primary objective may support the development of a mobile app, alternatively you may find that a responsive theme (mobile) website may be a better option.

    Non Tech App Development

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    Kristy Schirmer - Zockmelon

    In response to Lyndal’s tweet about social media metrics, I would direct her and other readers to the following article: Neiger BL, Thackeray R, Van Wagenen SA, Hanson CL, West JH, Barnes MD, Fagen MC. Use of social media in health promotion: purposes, key performance indicators, and evaluation metrics. Health Promotion Practice. 2012;13(2):159-164.

    Frank, in reply to your comment below, we definitely stressed in the workshop that it’s not just about jumping to an app conclusion. Quality health promotion practice and ideas matter first and foremost.


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