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    James Bennett

    Absolute nonsense, Australia’s cocaine is the second most expensive in the world (roughly $300/gram, behind NZ at a whopping $700+/gram, says The Economist).

    Notwithstanding the shocking quality (generally 20-30%), this lends cocaine a fashionable quality in Australia (ie. money to ‘blow’).

    The factors driving UK coke sales & consumption are SO different to those in Australia, any comparison only serves to further confuse an already muddled debate (largely thanks to our glorified Underbelly phenomena, there is absolutely no decent drug coverage in Australia).

    Anyone with a half-decent appreciation of Australian drug culture knows that our appetite for stimulants was once funneled towards imported MDMA pills, until a few years ago when these overseas ties were broken down by the AFP. (

    Our Bikey Gangs were apt to capitalize on the subsequent stimulant void, & spent their time manufacturing their poorly synthesized, far more toxic and addictive methamphetamine product.

    Any regular festival goer will tell you what AFPs pathetic attempts have done to their scene, & the Australian drug scene as a whole.

    More aggression, more addicts, fewer braincells.

    Coke on the other hand isn’t nearly as debilitating, but rather, prohibitively expensive for problem drug addicts. The biggest problem with Aussie coke by far is the mountains of money going to coked-up gangsters (see: Underbelly), not the users themselves.


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