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    Are these actually criticisms? They dont seem to be

    1) Low uptake without financial incentive isn’t a criticism of providing financial incentive. Even ignoring that an early uptake of 1 in 4 for a new program is pretty good.
    2) Lack of evidence is a problem, but that MJA paper concludes there is a ‘dearth of evidence’. So there is not enough evidence. So we get evidence by doing checks, yes?
    3) Medicare paragraph – hmm. I dont get the whole premise, honestly.
    Running it through Medicare makes it less affordable? Less easy to access a GP? Medicare itself is the cause of “the inverse care law”?
    All of those statements are totally unfounded, right?

    The article is fine … it is a good look at the program. It just doesnt seem to raise criticisms of the policy, especially the ‘new’ policy.


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