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    Kate Sommerville

    There are so many causes for suicide. Our family experienced the suicide of our youngest sister almost 25 years ago. She was just 31. I can think of many things that may have prevented it but they did not happen. It is always easy to be wise in hindsight.

    The mental health system failed our sister and then tenaciously defended itself. In some ways, our family failed as well although we loved her dearly. Some of her friends failed her too. So did her employers. Many of us also did everything we could to help. With suicide, sometimes it is just one thing and sometimes it is the accumulation of many. Hindsight is easy. Ultimately we have to forgive ourselves and others for whatever mistakes were made.

    Generally, I think that if we can work towards a fair and equitable society with employment and education and good health care available to all we will be providing the best safety net. We also need basic things like good housing as well.

    We need all those things which form the threads of a good community. I like the campaigns and community ‘things’ which are inclusive and kind and make everyone feel valued and loved. There are many groups which play a role in this ‘creation’.

    We all have responsibilities for how we act in these endeavours and in our one-to-one relationships. Even so, we will sometimes fail, or some souls will decide that they need to escape. As the poet, John O’Donohue said sometimes there is an eternal script for each life that we cannot possibly know.

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    Kate Sommerville

    Sometimes people just get tired. This man did but what a life he lead and how much he shared with all of us!

    Vale Robin Williams


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