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    Holden Back

    Why a brown ribbon when there are crafters out there ready to go the extra mile and give us something in polyclay?

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    One must question the campaigns such as “Be the man” when the government at the same time is making it more expensive to visit the doctor due to the widening gap between doctors’ and pathologist fees and Medicare rebates. While the value of PSA screening for prostate cancer is being questioned there needs to be some form of consensus on a revised prostate health initiative. Instead many doctors still prescribe PSA tests that end up being paid for by the patient. (Medicare will not cover the test more than once per annum under Rule 25 of the MBS)

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    Paul Grogan

    In response to Croakey’s PS (above), I do not think there is anything unhealthy about ongoing recognition of important public health issues – nor do I see these initiatives as being in competition. Awareness-raising can make people better informed about their personal risk of disease and what they can do to contribute to a more disease-smart community – and what they can do to help influence the policy debate. The point is that campaigns (and I personally don’t think a brown ribbon is likely to be helpful for bowel cancer control) should not be relied on for effecting government policy. Prioritising taxpayer funds to reduce disease burden should be based on the evidence – and if it were, the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program would be a topline priority for 2011-12.


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