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    I join you in wanting more Public Health tweeps to actually get onto Twitter & other Social Media to pursue their causes. However, I know in South Australia there are hardly any public health advocates (who are that IRL) on Twitter, let alone banding together to influence anything. For mental health there is @Psychepi (Melissa Raven) but her colleague, Dr Jon Jureidini isn’t there to create a presence. Some people have tried to recruit many of the Public Health academics into the online community but without success…”what’s that all about?”, “Oh Facebook is for the kids”, “I haven’t got time for all that nonsense”, etc. SA public service professionals such as those in Child Protection or Health Promotion have been equally difficult to enthuse and now all the Health Promotion Officers have been dispersed to the four winds due to the McCann Report into non-hospital-based services (which you flagged 10/12/12). I mean- how is public health ever going to get anything done in SA when its public face has been wiped off? I’m surprised some of them haven’t finally joined Twitter to get their case across. There is currently a Public Health project happening promoting flu shots (, more sophisticated than the one I joined with in 2010 (; But it’s still in the USA, not Australia. So hello Public Health bods- where are you my friends? There are a few I know on Facebook from our MPH classes, but they aren’t advocating for anything and they’re not joining me in blogging or Tweet Chat groups on health, like #HCSMANZ or #SocHealth. So how have we let the indigenous health community get ahead of the game? I think Public Health has forgotten its “mission” and lost the plot in South Australia!


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