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    Valerie Gerrand

    Thanks Sebastian for this informative report (and for the earlier one on Italy). I’m particularly interested in how Spain is handling the response to the Corona virus, having lived in Madrid for two years in the 1970s & been back regularly since (I had to cancel a four week stay in June). As a Spanish speaker, I’ve been watching Telediario (the daily Spanish news) most days on SBS & also keeping in email contact with Spanish friends.

    Your report was particularly helpful in showing the strengths of the Spanish MH system eg. the high proportion of MH staff based in community rather than hospital settings, including in primary health services; the requirement that those discharged after a suicide attempt be followed up within a week etc.

    Keep up the good work – we can all learn from good MH service systems overseas. Back in the 1990s, following the MH reforms from 1993-98 & again in 2002-6, we used to have regular visits in Victoria from overseas MH staff when Victorian MH services were the most innovative & community-based in Australia.


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