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    Coerced care or involuntary episodes of treatment to be reduced by 60-70% over 10 years, public backlash, more than a conscience, or guilt I’d say, then this (Guaranteed 100% access in every ” catch” ment whether urban, regional or remote, and to every special population) so we will get you wherever you go. Two years ago psychiatry placed a senior psyche nurse on a special wage, in every hospital attached to emergency or waiting rooms. The idea was to catch all the kids experiencing temporary emotional or drug effected conditions and make sure they give them hallucinogens in the form of anti psychotics such as Haloperidol, Zyprexa, epilim etc, and to make them permanent money earning clients/ victims of Mental Health/ Psychiatry, at the time I remember writing about it and saying watch out they’ll be on street corners looking for potential victims next, well guess what its happening now, last night I noticed a van set up at Sunshine station in Melbourne’s west, it had Health written on it, and felt like a carnival or a doughnut van, i thought gee im a bit hungry, so i went to the front and found a mental health psyche nurse and others, and no food, just to let you know that these people are all over the place physically and treatment wise, I told the psyche nurse that mental health /psychiatry is forcefully drugging temporarily amphetamine psychosed kids with hallucinogens, when the treatment is only a course of multi vitamins, a massive dose of vitamin c, some L-tyrosine, the waylaying of drug induced thought, a safe and open environment, and plenty of sleep from two to ten days before any diagnosis should be made, and only benzodiazepams for the first five days and only if they’re not sleeping, 14 national drug rehabs and clinics treat this condition this way, so does the south Australian drug and alcohol and psyche services as well, and most caring common sense people would know and see that as obvious, would you add alcohol to a raving drunk or would you try end get them to sleep, its about the elimination of the mind altering substance in your body that needs to eliminate in care reality land that matters before anything else that counts as proper care, the sad part is that they know it yet still persist in adding anti psychotic psychotropics forcefully when they actually turn the condition and the psychosis up as stated by psyche services in SA and drug clinic practice nation wide, I was fortunate last night to also talk to one of the most respected psychiatrists in the country and quite a lovely woman with a real down to earth speaking voice at a conference earlier in the night , who i put this to, She agreed with me which surprised me a little,i could have asked her in an open forum but decided to wait until the end of the conference because i didn’t want to confront her knowing what the true answer would have to be in front of everyone, and make her feel uncomfortable in any way because of her niceness and genuine sound, I asked her why, and she said its because they want quick care because they cant afford the time, but i said its wrong, she said i know, so i said well considering that and our care and conscience what are you going to do about it, i think she was saying what can i do but her mate sensing the awkwardness and who was another nice lady, helped her out by saying we all had to leave as most of everyone had gone, apart from that i have written to every university psychiatric department in Australia seeking clarification on what they are teaching their students in relation to this treatment, and haven’t received one response, the same goes for the Chief psychiatrist and the health services commission, or the treating doctors, or the hospital that added hallucinogens, i did get one response the other day from the deputy chief psychiatrist saying that my email had been received, and had been reviewed and acknowledged whatever that means, but none of them have said they will stop poisoning my loved one with insanity injections and poisons very slowly to put it to the test, I have said if they don’t improve given that one has to go through insanity in withdrawal which they agree is true, and that if they show improvement can they stay on that track of reduction to zero, and if not they can stay on that track of medication, and none of them will answer that either, one did but said its up to the treating doctor in spite of the treating doctor not even responding, so just letting you all know what you can expect from the best carers in the land, Nothing. Which translates to be sick, stay sick, and go away. When many psychiatrists around the world say that anything over three months and at the most six months is the maximum time to give anyone psychotropics, so as to get over the stressors concerning the person, I think this might have something to do with that(A defined reduction in duration of untreated psychosis (eg to less than 3 months, the current international consensus guideline) not sure but there you go. What most people don’t get is that their kids or people who become unwell trying to get away from the despair and alienation and insanity tiredness they feel from these psychotropics, are getting unwell from withdrawal and not the fact they need poison, as mental health and psychiatry claim or paint the picture, parents and their kids they torture are insecure, they’re not sure basically, and what psychiatry do is say, see they need their medication, but the reality is that its only withdrawal thats making them unwell, apart from being isolated and feeling all the horrible feelings they feel on the poison, and so unsuspecting vulnerable and insecure victims, and parents who cant stop them anyway, have to come back on board with the torturers and abusers because they have no other option and because of their insecurity.

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    Hi Alan
    You have said that 80% of people with all other medical conditions have access to clinical care. What is the source of that statistic?
    Melissa Raven


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