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    Tully Rosen

    A necessary, but insufficient proposal. Those Ministerial level meetings have happened before, and they will happen again. There is a type of magical thinking I regularly fall prey to where I imagine that when the Ministers or their Secretaries decrees something – their will be done.

    No, the levers are connected to complicated, interconnected systems, and practically nothing happens if the good-will, money and time hasn’t already been allocated to make it happen.

    The NDIS is exposing these gaps because of the massive injection of money attached to it. The state governments are scrambling to catch up with the new world of a community system with teeth.

    I have great hopes for the NDIS. The establishment phase is highly problematic, as are many other parts of it, but keep in mind this chick has barely crawled out of its egg shell. Keep up the keen push for accountability. Celebrate what does work (after all, Bazza got a package!) and remember who the buck stops with. Hint: it’s not the Ministers.


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