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    Peter Brooks is right of course. Demarcation in the health industry is much more rife than in most other industries. Many unions are scorned for their demarcation squabbles but at least their various territories are marked out and protected overtly. In the health industry, the protection of patches is masked in professional double speak and implicit hierarchic institutional arrangements.
    And, yes, let’s use technology to save time waiting for health services. We are currently designing a major health centre and I complained mightily when the architects produced a plan showing a large area titled “Waiting Area”. Why should we presume that sitting around waiting is necessary these days when communications are so flexible and accessible?

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    I enjoyed reading Melissa Sweet’s article. As a non-health professional working in the health sector to promote interprofessionality I find the antagonism sometimes found among the various disciplines frightening to say the least. I would recommend that all read “The Velluvial Matrix”, the title of a speech given by Atul Gawande to the commencement class at the Stanford School of Medicine in 2010 which can be accessed at

    I have included here the final section of the speech
    ” When you are sick, this is what you want from medicine. When you are a taxpayer, this is what you want from medicine. And when you are a doctor or a medical scientist this is the work you want to do. It is work with a different set of values from the ones that medicine traditionally has had: values of teamwork instead of individual autonomy, ambition for the right process rather than the right technology, and, perhaps above all, humility—for we need the humility to recognize that, under conditions of complexity, no technology will be infallible. No individual will be, either. There is always a velluvial matrix to know about.”


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