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As CEO of the Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council (VMIAC), it is my pleasure to write a testimonial for Croakey. In the past three years, VMIAC have happily engaged the services of Marie McInerney and her team at Croakey to cover major events in the life of VMIAC. We have been fortunate to have Croakey cover our awards night last year and our conference the year before.  Marie has brilliantly captured the essence of our organisation and the views of our members and stakeholders. I cannot envisage a time when we will not engage Croakey as we find their brand of journalism uplifting, accurate and honest. Marie’s ability to draw out the stories she produces is wonderfully fresh and always empowering. I would not hesitate to recommend Croakey as a leading service to any event.

Maggie Toko CEO of the Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council (VMIAC) April 5, 2019

Intelligence and thoughtfulness are pre-requisite foundations for a civilised society’s media, and Croakey rises above the mundanity of most Australian efforts to remind us that smart, switched-on writers and thinkers are still out there, holding the line against click-bait, 24 hour news cycles and what passes for ‘comment’ in the modern world.


Christian Smyth Health adviser, Senator Richard Di Natale, Australian Greens September 2, 2015

Croakey is one of the few places where public health "activists" can vent their spleen. (I'm not sure why we're called 'activists', but we certainly  need a place to 'vent'.) It's also a useful place for journalists/media to find contacts who can speak intelligently on public health issues.


Dr Rosemary Stanton OAM Public health nutrition "activist" August 31, 2015

Croakey has, over some years, provided a platform for debate about health policy, planning, funding and services.  There aren’t enough places for these debates, and important issues affecting the health of our community risk going unexplored. Croakey helps to fill this hole. Viva Croakey!

Sebastian Rosenberg Senior Lecturer, Brain and Mind Centre, Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney August 31, 2015

Croakey provides a rare platform to explore public health issues from a range of perspectives. Melissa and Marie have supported #cripcroakey, a series of articles about disability and health, at a time of profound change in disability policy that needs scrutiny and analysis. Croakey's backing of writers from diverse backgrounds is a fantastic addition to Australian media.

El Gibbs Award-winning writer; Leading #CripCroakey investigations of disability and health issues August 28, 2015

The future of health care is too important to leave to the mainstream media. Croakey provides a platform for robust, respectful and inclusive debate on the health issues that really matter.

Jennifer Doggett Croakey editor and health policy analyst August 28, 2015

It’s always a delight to see the diversity of issues on Croakey, particularly in health policy and social justice, that you just don’t see anywhere else.  It’s also great to see the diversity of voices on Croakey, particularly Indigenous Australians and those coming in via social media.

Fron Jackson-Webb Health Editor, The Conversation August 28, 2015

From the way it covers social issues to the way it sources funding, Croakey is an innovator in combining journalism, academia, medicine and education.

Sophie Benjamin Website Producer, Crikey August 27, 2015

Croakey gives me the best independent and most relevant public health news and views.

Dr Mark Wenitong Public Health Medical Advisor, 
Apunipima Cape York Health Council

, Associate Professor (Adjunct) 
School of Public Health,Tropical Medicine and Rehabilitation Sciences 
James Cook University, Cairns. 
 August 27, 2015

Croakey is the platform where health issues are dissected from every angle – from the complex impact on health arising from social, economic and environmental policies, to the influence of vested interests on public health, and insightful analysis of health care policies. It is a place where I can read the viewpoints of those who don’t often get heard in the mainstream media alongside prominent experts, learn about the lived experiences of diverse Australians, and see opportunities and fresh approaches to tackle our most challenging health issues.

Marita Hefler Researcher, News Editor, BMJ Tobacco Control August 27, 2015

Croakey gives us our daily dose of independent thinking, discussion and debate on all things public health. The broad mix of contributors, topics and prolific tweets combine to make it a valuable and lively source of news and food for thought for all Australians.

Shauna Hurley
Communications Manager, Cochrane Australia 
School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Monash University August 27, 2015

We love Croakey!  The team here at the ircohe.net use Croakey to show our students what great public health contribution expert media effort can make to the world.  True, we contribute stories, but more importantly, we love the difference Croakey makes to the health conversation in Australia.


Professors Marc Tennant, Estie Kruger and Kate Dyson International Research Collaborative, Oral Health and Equity, The University of Western Australia. August 27, 2015

Croakey is a must read for anyone who craves the public health stories that no one else reports. A truly independent and critical voice that both exposes health injustices and champions smart solutions to health inequalities.


Dr Becky Freeman Sydney School of Public Health, University of Sydney August 27, 2015

Croakey is a valuable voice in the health space, providing a respected and wide ranging platform for health experts and professionals to debate this crucial area of public policy.

Catherine King Shadow Minister for Health August 27, 2015

With a health system that is facing unprecedented challenges we need all the courage and all the insight we can get our hands on. Croakey is a space that invites us to to challenge and interrogate our practice and our policy. Croakey's journalism and activism inspires me to remain optimistic.

Mary Freer Change Day Australia August 27, 2015

Working with Croakey has been great. The collaboration between Croakey and #IHMayDay has been fantastic for disseminating information and connecting up, so that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people can have their voices heard. I love it because Croakey sees deadly people and supports them. It’s got its fingers on the pulse, and is out there and really carving out a pathway to leading journalism around health and the real issues that are out there in the community. Croakey has the skills and the experience and knowledge of community connections that mainstream media can learn from.

Dr Lynore Geia Founder, #IHMayDay, and Senior Lecturer, CNMR Indigenous Futures Research Lead, James Cook University, Townsville August 27, 2015

At the Walkleys we celebrate and support great Australian journalism. Through our Walkley Grants for Innovation in Journalism we encourage projects that combine quality reporting with an entrepreneurial approach. We’re proud to support projects like Croakey that are an innovative platform driven by independent, ethical journalism for the public benefit.

Clare Fletcher The Walkley Foundation August 27, 2015

Croakey! AHPA loves you for your independence, timeliness and collaboration across a range of issues with individuals and groups from population health and beyond. You are a launching pad for ideas, debate and innovation without fear or favour. Continue to bring it on.


Gemma Crawford President, Australian Health Promotion Association August 27, 2015

Croakey provides a national stage where all players in the health arena can have their voices heard. It has enabled consumers more easily to make their perspective and opinion known. Croakey has also taken a leadership role in developing a strong presence in social media, an important development for primary care in stimulating community-based approaches to health.

Leanne Wells CEO of the Consumers Health Forum of Australia August 19, 2015

If you care about a public health issue, or want others to care, get it online and get it on Croakey.

Professor Tarun Weeramanthri Chief Health Officer, Assistant Director General, Public Health, WA Department of Health August 19, 2015

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