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    Ron Batagol

    One statement arising from that Study is interesting, namely : “The study found 82 per cent of Australian women were still drinking alcohol during their pregnancy, although the majority was drinking at low levels – less than 1-2 drinks on a drinking day and fewer than 1-2 drinking days per week”.
    Yes, of course, I agree- binge-drinking and excess alcohol consumption in pregnancy is a catastrophic risk to the developing infant- we all know and need to emphasise that!
    BUT- As I’ve written and said many times, maybe we should acknowledge that, it is a matter of life in Australia that responsible alcohol use is an integral and accepted part of our social milieu in Australia, and that’s not going to change anytime soon! Therefore, if we really want the community as a whole to take our health messages seriously, we need to be honest and use the science as we know it, not as we would like it to be, instead of “lumping” heavy drinking with light or occasional or inadvertent alcohol consumption in pregnancy together, since we now know from recent studies, and as reflected in the UK NICE and US and Canadian Guidelines, ( but unfortunately not the NHMRC),women with occasional or inadvertent exposure to alcohol in pregnancy need support and reassurance so that they don’t consider this a reason for terminating their pregnancies!


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