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    Thank you to these two wise men. They are so right.

    I fear their wisdom is being ignored. Their wisdom is like the proverbial pearls before swine.

    I admire the restraint and dignity with which they couch their words, considering what must be their anger with, disappointment at — and surely a feeling of betrayal by — a government that purported to know better, do more and shell out.

    Acclaimed as world experts in youth mental health, it’s high time you guys got listened to at home. Your call, Mr Rudd:

    > “The mental health sector overwhelmingly wants the Government to use the coming weeks to outline its guiding vision for mental health reform, commit itself to ending the unequal access to quality care between physical and mental health and make good faith funding commitments towards achieving this vision. There would be universal community and professional support for this kind of leadership. The millions of Australian families struggling with mental ill-health without access to care desperately need to see that kind of action soon.”


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