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    Venise Alstergren

    Quite honestly, yet another campaign on the booze issue is a waste of the taxpayers’ dollar. What’s needed is for someone to develop a pill which temporarily disconnects that part of the brain which when combined with alcohol, testosterone, youth and sheer blind stupidity, produces the hoon and thuggish behaviour being demonstrated weekend after weekend, on Melbourne’s streets.

    By having a pill to pacify the testosterone gland-already I can hear the civil libertarians’ shrieks of ‘holy outrage’. A pill to be taken before the little manikins-to call them men is an insult to our intelligence-goes out for the evening and programmed to wear off by about breakfast time. This way the darlings can drink themselves stupid (which they already do) without wanting to get into fights. Also this allows the rest of the community to drink in comfort and not be forced to adjust their drinking hours to fit in with fifteen to twenty-five year old feral animals.

    I fail to see the benefit of rewarding drinkers who don’t create problems. 1) By twenty-six the testosterone seems to calm down a lot. 2) It is merely another form of dictatorship and or censorship. How do you round up the city of four million people to see who can drink without harming others? It is less difficult to arrest the ferals as they are legless anyway. Also; how can the use of logic be achieved when hormones are rampaging wildly and being fueled by alcohol?

    Of course there would be a corresponding drop in traffic accidents, and an even greater decline in the amount of smoking. I wish someone would understand there is a limit to the amount of things the taxpayer has to pay for in order to cocoon our children. Given the exploding population being inflicted on our once liveable city. The problem will continue to multiply. We will end up like Montreal (I think it’s Montreal, perhaps Quebec) Where the city fathers have built a huge chain-link fence right down the centre of the main thoroughfare. On one side live the poverty stricken, and on the other side you have the enormously rich. In our case it would be the sane adults on one side, and the ferals living on the other side. The ones which survive for five years will automatically be eligible to cross the fence.

    Yes, I think yet another campaign is a retrograde step. Unless someone does something PDQ the city will become a total bloodbath.


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