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    I have no problem with physician assistants, but this paragraph
    [The rapid rise in medical student places since 2000 at universities in Australia has led to fear of loss of student placements as well as JMO positions. However across Australia the number of PA students is too small to impact on clinical placements for the large numbers of medical students.]
    makes next to no sense.

    The entire piece is based around the need to expand/introduce PAs in numbers to serve communities that doctors can’t/won’t and then as your answer to the only justified criticism you address, simply say “well, there isn’t enough of them to matter anyway”.

    The only valid way introducing PAs can make sense is for there to be enough of them to fill many of the roles junior doctors do now, otherwise you are not achieving anything.

    To train PAs requires supervision and training by medical practitioners. We already cannot train the existing batch of interns, because of inadequate supervision. In fact, soon it will be illegal to hire all of the interns in Australia for safety reasons.

    Do you have some evidence that PA trainees require no training or supervision by medical practitioners? Because unless you have that evidence, you have ignored the entire concern.

    I am not trying to knock PAs. You can train them quicker and thus produce more in a shorter time. But the current training ability of the system here is already at capacity, so unless you are recommending cutting medical school places, and training PAs in 6-10 years time, I dont know how this could work. PAs work, true. PAs can be trained in numbers to service the shortage in the community? Doubtful


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