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    oh god, aren’t we living in an episode of the Hollow Men right now! There’s no excuse, the current government has spent a fortune gathering the extremely well-qualified opinions of leading experts … the background work has been done ..

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    Identifying pre-packaged foods with a Traffic Light Label images is only one area of ‘identifying’ healthy choices.

    Traffic Light Food nutritional information needs to be extended to the realm of restaurants, fast foods AND home cooking, so that everything that we eat is based on a healthy informed choice. ‘Bad’ choices can co-exist alongside ‘good’ choices as long as moderation and balance are applied.

    A novel approach at applying Traffic Light Food images to home recipes can be found here at
    At a glance, you can see how healthy a serve is or isn’t. We use it for our family, and our awareness about healthy eating AND portion size is growing on a daily basis.


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