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    Dr Peter Parry

    With regard to the Sugar Tax article, The Age reports the Health Minister Greg Hunt’s spokesperson saying:

    “as the minister has said on many occasions before, the government does not support a new tax on sugar to address this issue”.
    “We don’t believe increasing the family grocery bill at the supermarket is the answer to this challenge.
    “Obesity and poor diets are complex public health issue with multiple contributing factors, requiring a community-wide approach as well as behaviour change by individuals.”

    The problem with that is twofold – 1) the now well documented addictive qualities of sugar/refined carbs and 2) the financial burden of obesity and hyperinsulinaemia and downstream diabetes, CVS disease, cancer, neurodegenerative disease is enormous to the people suffering from sugar overload as well as all taxpayers.

    I recall talking with an endocrinologist who was on a Federal Govt obesity taskforce a decade ago, who said Diabetes/Obesity will claim the total Medicare budget by 2030. I don’t know if that is still the case and it was only a casual conversation. But clearly something’s gotta give – and it should be the sugar industry’s profits.

    Does Croakey know if the sugar/soft drinks industry makes political donations?

    We are in the early phase of dealing with Big Tobacco a half century ago, when it comes to the sugar/refined carbs industry.

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      Melissa Sweet

      Melissa Sweet

      Hi Peter, have you seen this: Just as a starter… Cheers, Melissa


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