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    Xavier Home

    ” … attempts to persuade drug manufacturers Roche and GSK to hand over their unpublished data…”

    “ reliable evidence for homeopathy’s effectiveness… ”

    So the pharmaceutical manufacturers decide which data should not be relied upon in one case, and the allopathic medical institutions decide what is not reliable data in the other case.

    ““The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.” ” George Orwell.

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    Matthew Sullivan

    The findings of the Cochrane Review are not unexpected, given that the primary purpose of Tamiflu is to reduce the spread of the virus, NOT to lessen the effects of influenza once one has it. The purpose of stockpiling it is to try to avoid outbreaks from becoming epidemics.

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    Chris Del Mar

    Dear Matthew Sullivan

    Two things.
    1. Actually I think the primary intent of marketing the drug was as symptom control. The notion of reduced spread, and also reduced complications (especially hospital admissions) after contracting influenza came with the threat of pandemics.
    2. It doesn’t matter what the ‘primary purpose’ was. Analysing trial data can tell you additional information anyway if there were enough events.

    And indeed, the review found neither of these (reduced spread, or admissions to hospital after contracting influenza) from using Tamiflu.


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