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    Yaama Kelly well written and spoken Gomeroi women!!! I thought I was the only one seeing this happening to all Aboriginal communities! OMG every part is so true what you have commented about::: I’ve worked in all areas of social justice: juvenile justice: health: welfare and fuckn nothing has changed : I had to get out it done my brain in and cause illness for me: it’s bullshit how this government can just vote in who they want?? I’m up visiting in Darwin at this moment and I worked on Child Protection for 4 years and I am still in disbelief that nothing has changed here at all in 11 years!! NT News paper dated Tues November 24, 2015: Childens Commissoner Colleen Gwynne quoted that early intervention and making child abuse and neglect a public health issue as a start to overhaul the current model? obviously!! Then she says ‘ it’s costs Government a lot of money in the end?? Well Commissioner and John Elferink why is this still happening after 11 years!!! A Report came out for the NT system called ‘ State of Denial ‘ and still you white people are still NOT listening !!! The white people treat the mob up here like animals and police still following them around waiting for them to get drunk??? Seeing and witnessing horrible chronic disease:: Picking up bumpers along the streets of Darwin??? So fuckn racist this country’s My QUOTE ITS UNABORIGINAL!!! To be treated like this and I just want to say WE FINALY HAVE BLACK MINISTERS like the Chief Minister whom is supposed to be Gomeroi??? (Note from Croakey: part of this comment has been edited in line with our comments policy)….I’m so frigging over with this country and how they pay for all the immigrants to settle in Australia!!! WE ALL NEED TO START PROTESTING AGAIN!!! Once again so true about the employment I have also witnessed this cause I have been the same situation and was asked for aboriginality when I was already BLACK WTF!!! Kelly so proud of you being staunch to post this cause you just made my day!!! I took some photos of some mob in Darwin laying around drunk in the mall n just broke my spirit to think is still happening?? I’m a nurse and just witnessing these events for a week that no one cares is UNABORIGINAL!!!!
    What’s out future goin to be like !! What next generation cause all the white peoples are feeding drugs to our mob and still getting away with it!!!
    Just to also to Quote for Ms Burney:: re AECG well poor parents have to PAY for there children to attend Public Schools : fees everything and as soon as they don’t go to school welfare are straight in ripping them out:: then I witnessed so many white couples with our little beautiful black children that have been adopted?? It’s so sad to see and I really thought or had hoped it changed here but nothing has!!!ITS GOT WORSE…


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