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    Trevor Kerr

    Yeah, well, as long as no-one is probed for specifics of share-holdings in those family trusts.
    Remind us, again, how conflict of interest is handled at NHMRC.

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    Wonder what Crikey thought of the adverse events being experienced by children around Australia and especially those in WA to the influenza vaccine ? High temperatures and febrile convultions. Would love to see an exposé on why Government departments are so keen to keep this information under wraps.
    Would Crikey be able to uncover why the UNITING CHURCH IN W.A. CANCELLED AN Australian Vaccination Network SEMINAR AT THE 11TH HOUR. These question are from the AVN website relating to this issue:
    The media in WA is now asking the following questions:

    1- Who at the department of health chose to put pressure on the Church to force them to cancel our seminar? Why would a small event, attended by only 100 people, be of concern to the government?
    2- Who was the senior academic who used his status as a member of the Uniting Church congregation and a supposed expert on this issue to state that the AVN should not be allowed to speak at a Church venue?
    3- By trying to suppress this information, is the government trying to pretend that these reactions never took place? Are they stepping on our right to freedom of communication – a right that has been upheld by the High Court of Australia?

    Would love to hear from Crikey on this issue.

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    Ah, there is soooo much more to this story…Along with a couple of other public health/health promotion types, I had the opportunity to spend some considerable time in an H1N1 operations centre last year. Turned out to be an valuable opportunity to gain fascinating insights into how these things work, and particularly how, in the peculiar chain-of-command decision-making around an unpredictable communicable disease, you got laughed outta town for daring to suggest that they might apply some serious expertise to things like community relations (e.g., communication with educational facilities, businesses, employers, parents, etc.) and ensuring that public information (including quarantine instructions), be understandable. These were regarded as fluff. Some of these things did happen, but it was all too little, too late. Except, of course, if it was politically-driven –serving the needs and priorities of Ministers always took precedence. With health bureaucrats torn between managing Ministers and managing increasingly over-stretched staff on the ground, there’s got to be at least one great PhD thesis in there just waiting to be written.

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    Richard Wilson

    Ah!! Good old multibatching. That means you can ship a whole bunch of product loaded with toxins to preserve it and so keep it in stock longer and make more money. Assuming you can find a Govt. “mark” fool enough to buy into the program. I suspect most drug companies only want one client – a totalitarian govt which can manadate compliance with the stroke of a pen on an executive order. Oh, a pandemic helps here because then you can declare a state if emergency.

    All that thimerasol (mercury) and other stuff in the multi batch vials scares the heck out of me. Why can’t we look at single dose vials of killed vaccine that has been thoroughly tested, for at risk groups . Why couldn’t the govt find a couple of $million for the Adelaide University crew to get their clean product to market? They weren’t into the big bucks but neither were they major campaign contributors.


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