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    In essence, how did the proposed Pepsi science blog differ from mainstream media reliance on advertising and PR releases and as I look sideways as I type here I can see Optus, me Bank, 2020 DI an upwards I can see NIB dental plus, so really the corporations have a ‘presence’ everywhere don’t they?.

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    Hi Fredex, The difference between Pepsigate and the advertisers at Croakey, for eg, is that NIB is not paying to have articles appearing at Croakey by authors of their choice. Croakey does have an unusual funding arrangement, if you look at the “about Croakey” section, in that its editorial is funded (in a hands-off arrangement) by a consortium of health groups rather than the advertising you see on the site. I take the point though that these issues are not clear cut. The line between editorial and advertorial is not always easy to distinguish, particularly in the magazine market. And plenty of the media’s editorial content is generated by PR, which is just another form of advertising…


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