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    Jon Hunt

    No, I can’t. But it would make sense that if the person making the false claims or misleading advertising lived in Australia, then it should come under Australian jurisdiction. Where the website is should be irrelevant because it is the content of the website that is allegedly breaking the law. This is presumably is under the control of Drs Cabot/McRae.

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    “Regardless, the different response received from two complaint bodies
    dealing with the same issue highlights the current uncertainty over who
    has jurisdiction over information on web sites that are alleged to
    breach national laws.”

    I don’t think this is a jurisdictional issue at all, but simply a case of
    no-one wanting to touch the issue with a barge-pole.

    From the 1980s onwards, governments in many countries ( esp the Anglo world)
    gave a very clear message to regulatory authorities that they should not
    pursue their respective mandates by intervening to dampen the economic
    freedom of business but should instead sit on their hands, hear nothing, see
    nothing , do nothing.

    A world-wide series of crises, grand swindles and scandals seems in no way
    to have disturbed this philosophy.
    Its ‘Business As Usual’.

    If anyone thinks that the GFC ( global financial crisis) will cause
    governments to reconsider the policy of ignoring carpetbaggers, rogues,
    paper-trail miscreants, diet-pill scammers, penis-enlargement spammers, ponzi
    schemers, con-artists and other white-collar criminals, then they are sorely

    Instead we are now seeing all these people handsomely rewarded with more
    bail-out bucketfuls of taxpayers money than they could ever have swindled
    from the public in their wildest dreams. Billions of government dollars
    handed out to anyone who can prove that he is a bone fide slime-bag.

    And the very same people who oversaw, participated in and benefited from
    creating the mega economic collapse have been put in charge of distributing
    the largese.

    The ‘ smartest guys in the room’ at Enron only escaped with tens of
    millions of dollars in golden parachutes- they must be green with envy.

    In Oz, we are to see the property developers being the key recipients of
    bail-out money.- The wealthiest and dodgiest sectional interest in the
    country to get a leg up from the poor. ( trickle up effect)

    Now, more than ever, with the deepest recession beginning, governments of
    all stripes everywhere will be too terrified to let any regulators do any
    regulating at all.

    The golden age of business regulation ( such as it was) has come and gone.
    For the for-seeable future, the active regulation of business is dead in the
    The only questions which governments are prepared to ask Business at the
    moment are- “How much money can we give you?” and ” How can we fast-track
    your plans?”

    So don’t expect Dr Cabot alias McRae to be de-registered any time soon. More
    likely than not ( if recent history is anything to go by) she will be given
    a public service award and a well-remunerated position on a health
    department advisory board instead.
    Perhaps even a professorship in
    ‘liver-science’ at a distinguished university could be on the cards?

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    I would have thought a complaint of unprofessional conduct to the NSW
    Medical Registration Board would have to be investigated.

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    Ken Harvey

    Ironically, a complaint was sent to the NSW Medical Board on 23 Oct 2008.

    They referred it to the Health Care Complaints Commission who in turn referred it to the NSW Office of Fair Trading.

    On 23 Jan 2009 I was notified that the Office of Fair Trading had referred the complaint to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

    Subsequently, I have heard no more, despite asking the TGA Advertising and Export Section and the Regulatory Compliance Unit whether or not the TGA accepts jurisdiction.

    My past experience with the TGA has been that, citing “commercial-in-confidence” considerations, they tell complainants nothing and publicise nothing; all very convenient for those who are complained about!

    I have now referred the matter to Senator Jan McLucas, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Health and Ageing, who has responsibility for the TGA.

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    Jon Hunt

    I might add that those snake oil sales people always seem to get away with it. Anyone for longer lasting s_x?


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