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    Well that’s a load off Gav!

    Crikey, where do you dig up these imbeciles from?

    This is no Professor, I know this kid.

    He’s my Greek next door neighbor’s son practicing his thesis paper on us unsuspecting victims.

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    Simon Quilty

    Until recently it was the Queen of England who was the biggest shareholder of Rio Tinto, and her share-holdings are still very significant. That’s partly why she continues to prosper whilst her country crumbles.

    Mine labourers and truck drivers in the Pilbara get paid 30% more than the doctors who keep the public hospital system afloat, and a hell of a lot more than the teachers who educate our children.

    This really is a no-brainer Michael. The wealth of this country belongs to all of us, and all should benefit, not just hysterical little Twiggy, his mates and the Queen of bloody England.


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