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    Hey, that was informative and interesting.
    Nice to see a range of informed opinions instead of the usual media chatter.

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    Does Peter Sainsbury live in a cave with no electricity, TV or radio? Nicola Roxon “anonymous”, grey and bland? Try Googling her and be buried in the avalanche of “anonymous” coverage she gets. She is one of the highest profile ministers in the Cabinet, an incredibly hard-working and with her plain packs legislation, now being attacked globaly by some of the wealthiest corporations and their trade associations in the world, peerless as a fearless leader in challenging corporate influences on health (although food has so far been disappointing). What federal or state health minister ever did better? Genuinely curious.

    And to those on the armchair soft left who keep up the mantra of when is the gvt going to start tackling the social determinants of health and get off the “lifestyle” stuff, suggest they take a slow look at this Which nations are doing a better job at changing key indicators of health determinants? Under Roxon, a sharp focus on tobacco control has now got us to 15.1% daily prevalence, with Indigenous smoking falling below 50% for the first time; immunisation rates remain v high; road toll lowest ever … many, many outcomes heading in the right directions because of the mix of social policy and focussed efforts on particular diseases.


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