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    Mike Flanagan

    Thanks Melissa, a well researched piece!
    The opportunities that the FTTH NBN offers this nation and its’ future are mind blowing. Not only do we see the opportunities in disciplines identified above but also in consumer efficient energy management, business analysis and information transfer etc etc.
    It has the potential to become as much a part of our lives as the electric bulb.

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    certainly dont want the second rate system proposed by Abbott

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    David Walker

    “I know that I for one would be prepared to have 30-50% of my GP consultations conducted by videoconference.”

    Do you currently do any consultations by phone? If not, could we know why not?

    I can see a lot of people claiming that such virtual GP visits would be inferior to “being there”. I have no idea how that debate will evolve.

    Can I also ask what sorts of high-bandwidth telemedicine are happening in places like Seoul and Tokyo and Hong Kong, where high-speed broadband has been in place for some time? Are video consultations widespread there? Again, if not, it would be interesting to know why not.


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