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    Sandra DeLoitte

    Subjecting the private health insurance rebate to a means test will translate to a reduction in policy uptake which will mean more expensive premiums for everyone. Show your support by signing a petition found at the bottom of the HBF website

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    frankie dean

    In regards to Sandra comment, means testing has translated into a reduction in “Extras Cover” uptake such as Dental, Optical, Physio, etc. Average Australians are reducing their Health Fund Premiums by reducing or removing their Extras Cover. You mention HBF in your post and they are one Health Fund Insurer that has a wide and vast demographic across Australia. I believe HBF are actively supporting online retailers over traditional retailers to help their members save time and money, particularly in regard to Optical.
    Frankie Dean are just one of several online retailers making a difference to those with and without Health Insurance. This link goes into further detail and explains how they can help..


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