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    Roger Clifton

    We don’t have to leave gas out of discussions, in fact we should always include it. If it’s for brevity, let’s say it sotto voce, like a whisper of something we don’t want to admit … and gas.

    After all, leaked methane is a potent greenhouse gas. The greenhouse cannot sustain any level of emissions at all, so even half of far-too-much CO2 is still far-too-much. We have to eliminate the use of fossil carbon, and that means coal and oil … and gas.

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    Norman Hanscombe

    If Michelle and Sue want to be taken seriously about complex issues such as Climate Change, they’ll need to present a convincing case for how the dangers they perceive can be avoided; and this entails not merely telling us what needs to be done by the International Community but also [and this is the key element] precisely how agreement on an enforceable International Agreement which carries meaningful penalties for those who default.
    This is, as any careful readers of Crikey should know, a suggestion which has been made multiple times.


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