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    Shaniq'ua Shardonn'ay

    I would agree with most of your conclusions except the ban on smoking in Psychiatric hospitals. I would think that many smokers would simply defer getting help if they thought that going into hospital would mean going on replacement therapy. I would certainly have done so. What people need to understand is the priorities of a typical mental health patient which would probably be 1. What’s Causing me pain right now 2. What’s probably going to kill me first . Smoking for me didn’t rate a mention and in the end I didn’t stop for health reasons.

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    Health girl

    Mmmm. You mention 5 important approaches ‘that work’. Is that opinion or based on evidence? I can’t see how point 3 (ensure that everyone knows this before they go to hospital) would work in real life situations.. In my experience of having to admit a family member regularly to phychiatric wards (who is at times a heavy smoker) it is simply not feasible to have a conversation with an acutely ill person who has just self harmed, and explain to them they will not be able to smoke. Is is hardly the priority, particularly when you are attempting to gain the trust of the person by admitting them. I am in total agreeance with addressing smoking for people with mental illness, however I am not convinced the acute setting is the best place for this to happen. Perhaps this is better addressed in the community at large.


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