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    Boghos L. Artinian MD

    Pacing in the Tomb

    He lay helpless and terminally ill;
    His cells gone berserk for the final kill.
    Entered the intern softly whistling,
    Snatched a stethoscope and started listening.
    He told the family face to face:
    ‘Folks, his pacemaker is out of pace!’
    Suitably dodging the oncologist
    Presently entered the cardiologist:
    ‘Some beats missing.’ A clear indication
    That his pacemaker needed extirpation .
    ‘The replacement?’ ‘The latest model,
    Once in place we need no more meddle.’
    So he had a minor intervention
    To implant that wonderful contraption
    That could outlast a healthy groom
    And pace eternally in his tomb!

    Boghos L. Artinian MD


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