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    Almost any ad that contains the line ‘As a…’ is probably healthwashing. The most common next bit of the sentence is ‘mum’. The guilty here are usually trying to foist some diabetes and obesity inducing sugar snack into kids lunchboxes under the giuse of it being healthy (usually supported by the claim that since it’s mainly sugar, it is therfore low in fat, purely because there are only 100 percents in a whole!). So called ‘muesli bars’, rolled manufactured ‘fruit’ sticks etc etc.

    Generally speaking anything targetted at Mums (and it is almost invariably Mums, only very occasionally parents in general) is probably healthwash. Nutella’s ‘less sugary than jam, less fat than peanut butter’ is a classic, along with the ‘coco pops with milk contains calcium’ corker.


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