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    It was good to see that Rudd’s lie of the Coalition cutting in health was exposed by the media! Rudd will now be known as the most deceitful PM in Australia’s history. He is so desperate at the moment in the face of current polling. He deserves to be kicked out with the competent coalition to replace him. I am still surprised that 37 out of every 100 people are still going to vote Labor. There are some stupid people in this country!

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    michael r james


    Also worth noting something even economists have picked up on: (note the strange Header at total odds with the content of the article):

    Government spending to be slashed
    THE Coalition has set out ambitious aspirations for the budget with huge commitments in defence and health requiring an additional $40 billion in outlays, while promising lower government spending overall.

    Mr Abbott also pledged that over the next decade a Coalition government would “fully restore” the private health insurance rebate. Labor succeeded in legislating a means testing of the rebate last year after several failed attempts. There were further cuts this year, with the rebate indexed on a fixed basis, rather than tracking the rise in health costs.
    The private health insurance rebate has been the fastest growing component of the health budget over the past decade, rising at an annual rate of 6.3 per cent after inflation. Treasury estimates show the latest changes to the rebate would save $2.1bn by 2022-23, while figures provided by Labor yesterday suggest the cost of fully restoring the rebate in 2014-15 would be $1.2bn, soaring to $4.4bn by 2022-23.
    The annual growth rate implied by these forecasts is 17.7 per cent or about 15 per cent after inflation.]


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