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    Hamis Hill

    Studying the pathological foundations of anti-environmentalism would be too political?
    It does come within the boundaries of the health remit though doesn’t it.
    Recent political campaigns do seem to be sourced in the sort of dementia that gave rise to the “Fleurs de Mal”, so reckoned because five petals were “evil”.
    If any group is serious about the environment and health, then they had better devote some of their attention to this particular phenomenon, in which those suffering from religious dementia accuse environmentalists of worshipping the “god” of the environment, which they contend is evil.
    Perhaps the noted disconnection from “Nature” is “related” to this dementia.
    At any rate the chances are fairly high that the health group described in the article will be politically “targeted” by the those pathologically affected by their “disconnection from nature”.
    Ironic indeed.

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    Yotti Kingsley

    BBC seem to be reporting and thinking the same thing about children needing to get (re)contacted with nature.

    This is a great little article titled “Children urged to put away screens and play outside”:


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