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    Di's dilemma

    She did provide funding for the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program -teaching children in public schools how to cook using produce grown from their school gardens. Children learned the pleasures and skills of cooking and eating vegetables, thus giving children practical skills and opportunity to actually incorporate dietary guidelines into their daily life.

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    Mike Daube

    As the Government is being heavied out of its pokies policies by the sheer brutality of gambling industry pressures and lobbying, it is worth emphasising just how much credit Nicola Roxon deserves for taking on the tobacco and spirits industry lobbies – and winning.

    All Health Ministers are criticised for failing to solve all the world’s problems, and all are bedevilled by the reality that whatever reforms they set in place will take years to test and show their worth.

    But as the Minister who established the National Preventative Health Taskforce, ensured massive increases in funding for prevention through COAG, pushed through the alcopops tax, and has implemented a comprehensive tobacco control program – of which the world-leading plain packaging is just one component – Nicola Roxon has left a legacy that will result in a much healthier Australia, and an example that other countries will follow.

    Mike Daube


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