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    I’m fairly neutral on alcohol although I’m sure the world would be a better place without it. But it’s here already!! The issue I have with pricing mechanisms is that those with the greatest dependency will be slugged the most in terms of the likelihood that their pockets are stone cold empty before behaviour will change. The impact on those around them will be accentuated and social harm could actually increase in the short term. As for ‘available evidence’ (ie modelling aka guesswork) suggesting a floor price of £0.45 per unit of alcohol would result in a similar reduction in consumption of 4.5 per cent..I haven’t yet seen such a prediction come true. Smoking rates drop yet health expenditure rises, cancers are detected earlier by screening programs yet QALYs don’t change. Solution: cut down access. Ah, but that would go against free market principles and we can’t have that now can we!!


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