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    I know its unrelated really, but check out this link where two radiologists fought in court. Their unbelievable earnings were finally disclosed:

    When you are making as a starting salary 600k a year AFTER expenses with 10 weeks annual leave, and these businesses are valued at 6m plus, you’ve really got to wonder when are we going to take the training monopoly and control of numbers out of the hands of people who benefit from it. 600k a year to push a button on a scanning machine! Unbelievable.

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    I think it is important to distinguish between different types of donors. Corporate donors are the most likely to be, as you say, “seeking influence and promoting the interests of the donor above those of others.”

    I don’t think this is same for individual (natural person) donors who might have a variety of non-selfish reasons. Why, for example, would an individual donate to an individual candidate in an electorate in which they don’t live? To support a cause? Or support a person they agree with?

    And what about union donors who, ostensibly anyway, donate and fund political parties in the name of a collective? Unless you consider a union’s interests synonymous with their members (or non-members in the same sector who also reap many of the benefits won by collective action) then they aren’t seeking to promote their interests over others.


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