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    jacqui delmege

    I was 28 when my partner was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He died when I was 29. He remained at home the entire time and died in our bed with me beside him. Without the help of the amazing Greenwich Palliative care team this would never have been possible. I will be forever grateful for their support and caring for my partner and myself. His G.P. & Oncologist were fantastic as well. They all made the process of him dying as easy as it could be from a medical perspective. One thing they drilled into me – though I ‘heard’ the first time, was when he did die DO NOT CALL AN AMBULANCE call the funeral home. The last thing you need at that time is police swarming through the house. Ambos are req by law 2 contact police when a body is found. JD

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    Nicole Nash-Arnold

    Thanks, Melissa, for this article. Kaye’s story is such a rare story: that the health care that she needs has been provided at precisely the right time for her. It is delightful to hear her story. I wish for all of our readers to have such an experience. Importantly, Kaye was reasonably assertive in her approach to accessing this care when her surgeon decided she didn’t need it but she pursued this through her GP. Many people that we talk to via our community accept that their surgeon knows best and doesn’t pursue their needs in the same way. Education is important and I have shared this article article and Kaye’s story with our community. Thanks again!


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