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    Frank Campbell

    Sounds like a combination of rampant specialisation and corporatism is bedevilling GPs. Out here in the boondocks there’s no doubt about the value of GPs. The leading question cited re “nurse practitioners” shows why surveys need rigorous critical scrutiny. Bureaucracy never asks a question unless it knows it’ll get the answer it wants. The essence of corporate government is to damage you, then tell you it was your decision. Transparency, consultation, “independent” review…there’s an armada of spinnakers at the command of every suit…cutting through the tendentious verbiage is a full-time job in itself.

    The whole point of general practice is to see people in context over time. Most people do not need to see a specialist. The GP knows which “patients” to handball to specialists. The GP is a filter. Without that filter, health costs will sharply increase, unnecessary specialism will proliferate…it makes me sick.

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    Jon Hunt

    It would be nice if he actually stated which reports, and which parts of these reports he had problems with, rather than an unsubstantiated summary. At least then we would know exactly what he was on about.

    Rural doctors in particular are generally quite touchy about their position in the scheme of things. They’re not the same as city GPs because you can’t just refer people to the local hospital when things get difficult, because you are the local hospital. But in the city I think there is the tendency for those so inclined to do not much and get away with it because, let’s face it, you get paid the same.

    Part of the allied health, nurse practitioner push I am sure is because of the lack of GPs, particularly in the country where you can’t get them for love or money. Anything would be better than nothing.


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