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    Why be nice about it ? This website is another colossal waste of money, and the attempt of Mrs Roxon to appear to be doing something.It’s the same as the nurse-on-call sham. The data entered into MyHospitals are questionable, and in similar projects overseas(like the UK) have been subject to tweaking by the Hospitals. Emergency Department waiting times are unpredictable, and whether 70% of category 3 patients were seen within the allocated time last August does not tell anyone anything at all. As pointed out above, where you have your elective surgery depends on which surgeon you get to see, it’s out of your hands, apart from maybe maternity. This website is a waste of money, nothing else.

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    Waiting lists be damned. What I want to see are statistics on avoidable deaths at these places, especially deaths due to the likes of golden staph.

    Another key stat I want to see is staff turnover rate.

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    Why is the federal government even seeking to enter the hospital-management business? Have they suddenly solved all their problems with defense equipment, trade agreements, foreign policy, tax reform, telecommunications, competition policy, asylum policy, budget controls and so on, and they’re in such desperate need of things to do?

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    I find it interesting that -for instance- my local community hospital is rating well compared to the national standard but there is a community perspective that waiting times (as it can be a concern for certain patients) are still too long because we simply do not have regular access to specialists or open access to gps. This site as it sits now, is fairly useless for the client -for whom it was intended. and for many -including myself- attendance to a hospital is decided by financial, transport, and physical ability more than whether I will be seen sooner than somewhere else. because traveling somewhere else is going to require greater ability all around. Most of us expect a bit of a wait and wouldn’t have known if our wait was longer or shorter than anyone else’s wait anywhere else – and wouldn’t really care. there is little contact with the people on the ground and it is a necessary change in research and initiative roll-outs.


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