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    Both this post and the earlier discussion about obstetric services illustrate the territorial culture of the Australian healthcare system. In the end does it not come down to the limitations of the ‘fee-for-service’ model of healthcare delivery? If there was more of an outcomes based approach to payments such collaborative care would be encouraged.

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    The multi millionaire pharmacists exploiting the government backed monopoly to stop any new pharmacies opening within 1.5km couldn’t give a stuff about health advice. They are too busy handing over packets of drugs (after a hard few seconds sticking a label on it) and charging a massive markup.

    The outrageous rort of pharmacy monopoly in this country is beyond belief – a government backed monopoly means the older pharmacists make many millions of dollars a year from the existing pharmacies, while younger graduates have their pay pushed down and down because they aren’t allowed to open in competition.

    It is government welfare for multi millionaires – naturally if the unions did this the media would cry blue murder but because pharmacists are ‘professionals’ (who’s job consists of handing over packets of tablets) they are immune from criticism.


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