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    Jon Wardle

    It’s difficult for a government to build a track record on anything in just a few short months but the new Queensland government has managed to develop an abysmal one on health.

    Considering the defunding of health programs, the kneecapping of the NGO and community sector (a Newman specialty – he did the same at BCC too), the shutting down of UQ/Griffith’s $8million data-sharing project with the Qld government, the politicisation of LHHN boards and social agenda this new government is running it seems a bit rich for the government to be asking what the appetite for preventive health is in Queensland when it has made it clear it has no appetite of its own.

    The LNP inherited some problems at Qld Health but the above actions were all-LNP.

    I hope the journalists will be holding the government to account. Springborg is a good man, but so far his government has done nothing but bad things for health in Queensland.


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